The Department of Labor and Employment is the agency mandated to regulate labor laws and social legislation. In Department Order No. 183-17, otherwise known as the “Revised Rules on the Administration and Enforcement of Labor Laws Pursuant to Article 128 of the Labor Code, As Renumbered”, Labor Inspectors ensures compliance of private employers through the conduct of Routine Inspection, Complaint Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Investigation.

In Romblon, 15 affected security guards[1] posted in the branches of financial institution received a total backwages amounting to Php1,517,045.40.  DOLE MIMAROPA Sheriff, Ms. Lesly I. Romero facilitated the payment of wages and wage-related benefits. The sum of the monetary benefits for each employee ranges from Php 8,994.00 – Php148, 894.76.

Affected workers expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Department for properly addressing and assuring that they will receive from their employer the benefits due to them.

End/Sarah Jane B. Ferranco