Labor market trends, both local and global, have been constantly changing and reshaping employment policies and opportunities for the workforce. Somehow, work structures are continuously transforming, and job mismatch remains to pose risk for jobseekers.

To prepare the youth in responding to the varying employment trends, the Department of Labor and Employment Occidental Mindoro (DOLE OccMin) in coordination with the guidance counselors of various high school institutions in Occidental Mindoro had successfully concluded a series of Career Information and Guidance (CIG) or Career Coaching to three (3) national high schools namely Occidental Mindoro National High School, Sta. Cruz National High School and Caminawit National High School  on July 22, 23, 24 and 30, 2019 reaching a total of 1, 992 youths.

During the activity, youths are being informed on the Life Skills Training, “Life after School” or the “School-to-Work Transition”. They were able to learn how to “brand” themselves as well as how to write their own resume and cover letters. On the other hand, it was also emphasized to know their personality first, since it could be possible that the career you chose is not the best fit for your personality, thus the conflicting and contradicting aspects of your work and personal life.

This is where taking a personality test comes handy using the RIASEC (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional) type personality. Realizing the essence of these activities, the youth will now be responsive on the labor market information which they can later use in choosing their right career, thus giving them also the ability to come up with a strategic plan to further enhance their potentials and even explore their interest and abilities.

DOLE has always been reminding the youth to strategically plan their career goals; after all this lengthy process of self-evaluation, research, application, and interviewing, a job will soon be offered to them. Ideally, this will just mark the beginning, or at least a milestone, in their exciting career and life.

End/Gener L. Francisco