According to International Labor Organization data last 2005, there are 2.3 million deaths per year including 651,000 deaths from Hazardous substances and 160 million work-connected diseases each       year that is why it to have industrial hygiene in workplace – to prevent workplace accidents, and if unfortunate event occurs, rehabilitates and compensates victims of such accidents.

As one of Department of Labor and Employment’s arms in assisting workers, the Employees Compensation Commission (ECC), in coordination with the Department of Labor and Employment MIMAAROPA through Palawan Field Office, conducted seminar on the Employees’ Compensation Program (ECP) at Hue Hotel, National Highway, Brgy. San Manuel, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan last January 29, 2019.

Components of ECP are prevention, rehabilitation and compensation. It is designed to provide employees and their families with income benefits, medical, and other benefits in the event of work-connected sickness, injury or death. Covered by this program are all compulsory members of SSS, including seafarers, however, voluntary and self-employed members are excluded, GSIS members, and Uniformed Personnel such as AFP, PNP, BFP and BJMP. Particularly, it also insures principal and accessory benefits for rehabilitation, medical, loss of income, carer’s allowance, and death.

Representatives from ECC particularly discussed in the seminar the basic accident prevention and occupational safety and health so that so that participants will learn basic concepts of accident and disease prevention in the workplace and how to apply these concepts in the prevention or recurrence of accidents and diseases in the workplace. Likewise, Compensable Diseases, Compensability of Injuries, Excepting Circumstances, Types of Disability, medical and death benefits, rehabilitation services and availing of other ECP benefits.

They also disseminated important laws, rules and regulations governing ECC and its mandate to all members to participants. The one-day seminar was attended by 150 employers, employees and HR practitioners in both public and private sectors in Puerto Princesa City and Palawan.

ECC delegate was headed by Executive Director Stella Z. Banawis, Deputy Director Jonathan T. Villasoto, Information and Public Assistance Division Chief Cecilia E. Mailing, Medical Officer IV Dr. Sarah Antonia Concepcion, Information Officer IV Alicia S. Borres, Ms. Melogie Lomenario and Mr. Allan Abanilla. DOLE Palawan Field Office Head Luis B. Evangelista delivered his welcome remarks for the activity.

ECC is an attached agency of DOLE. Its three main functions are to formulate policies and guidelines for the improvement of the EC program, review Employees Compensation claims disapproved by the GSIS or SSS, and initiate policies and programs towards adequate OHS and accident prevention in the working environment.

End//Renell G. Mayo