ROMBLON – Today, the DOLE Romblon Field Office congratulates our SPES Babies and Interns for passing the Board Examinations of their chosen professions and other government eligibility examinations.

Finishing college and having a nice job is every student’s goal. Some faced financial problems during their studies and fortunately get through it with the help from various programs of government agencies.

One of the employment facilitation programs of the Department of Labor and Employment is the Special Program for the Employment of Students or SPES. The program helps to augment the financial needs of students through employment from 10 to 78 days during school breaks.

After graduation, job seeking is even harder due to limited job opportunities and competition among jobseekers.

The DOLE’s Government Internship Program (GIP) is another program of the department that provides 3 to 6 months internship opportunity to eligible beneficiaries who wants to pursue a career in public service is a chance they look forward to.

Being a beneficiary of SPES is a steppingstone in public service. Having good attitude, performance and skills can lead them to another opportunity which is GIP. Enhancing their skills and acquiring knowledge during the internship, will equip them as they pursue their dreams as public servants.

The Department’s employment facilitation programs provide opportunities to qualified beneficiaries who are eager to learn and commit to finish their employment contracts and internship agreements with commendable performances.

End/ Sarah Jane B. Ferranco