The month of January 2019 in the Department of Labor and Employment Occidental Mindoro Field Office indicates a continuous yet improved public service throughout the province. For this month, the Office reported a settlement rate of 100% for the four Single Entry Approach (SEnA) Request for Assistance (RFA) filed with a total settlement amount of PhP196, 275.00 in the average of 19 days.

Mr. Fred Mahinay, a retired employee of a grains trading and rice mill company in San Jose was able to received his retirement benefit amounting to PhP110, 538.00 after holding two conferences in the office called by Single Entry Desk Officer (SEADO) Gener L. Francisco. Mahinay, 60, who worked as an ice plant operator in the company expressed his deep grateful to DOLE after receiving the prize of his hard work for seven years.

On the other hand, Mr. Dennis R. Evangelista, a forklift operator of the same company was able to receive his separation pay amounting to PhP28, 275.00 after the assigned SEADO, Rolando R. Ladao III handled Evangelista’s RFA in two conferences. Despite on the grounds charged to the requesting party, Evangelista and the management mutually agreed that these issues must be settled rather than be elevated as a case, thus, granting the claims on separation pay for five years of service.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jessa Alforte, a sales lady from a department store and Mr. Rowel M. Mordeno, a salesman from a distributor company in San Jose also received their claims from their companies amounting to PhP2, 000.00 for the refund of cash bond and PhP6, 000.00 for separation pay, respectively.

Under SEnA, conciliation-mediation is the process of dispute management used by the SEADO to effect amicable settlement between the requesting party and responding party.

End/Gener L. Francisco